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Corporate Culture

If the culture is prosperous, the enterprise will be happy Yuyu's cultural concept system is jointly created by Yu Yuren. It is the common ideal, belief and belief of all Yuci people. It is the first horn to lead Yuyu's development; it is the banner that leads Yuxi to develop into a world-class enterprise. ....... Yuyu Culture is the accumulation of all employees for nearly 20 years. It is the highest goal, value system, basic beliefs and code of conduct that we all abide by, and it is the support for Yu's future development. Corporate culture is intangible. Although it is invisible, it is like the air of nature. The steel bars in the concrete of the building affect everything and carry all the weight. In the future development, Yu Yu culture needs continuous inheritance, enrichment and innovation. Let us learn Yu Yu culture together, practice Yu Yu culture, and jointly replace Yu Yu culture. The core concept: common goals, joint ventures, common interests, and common development. The "four commons" embodies Yu's thought of people-oriented and harmonious development. The "common goal" is the direction, the "common venture" is the foundation, the "common interest" is the bond, and the "common development" is the purpose.

Common goal

The common goal is Yu's ultimate mission and direction of struggle. Global effectively combines employee goals with corporate goals to form a synergy of corporate development; the corporate mission of “Dedicated to the success of customers and the company” is transformed into a shared vision of all members of the world through continuous efforts and strategic actions. Fuxin's continuous innovation, growth and unsatisfied source of power promote Yucheng's leap-forward sustainable development.


Co-employment is the reliance of Yu's new career development and the fundamental guarantee for realizing the mission of the company. Entrepreneurship is an ongoing process. Yuyi employees are entrepreneurs of Yusui's new business regardless of their position, regardless of their qualifications, regardless of their geographical location. They are all members of the Yuci Entrepreneurship Team. The difference between employees is only the division of labor. The same is the common cause.

mutual benefit

Yuxi is a community of interests. Every employee, even suppliers and customers, are the beneficiaries of the interest community. "There is no skin, and Mao will be attached." As long as Yu Yu organizes the interests, our employees, shareholders, The interests of suppliers and customers exist, and they can share the success of enterprise development.